Reject Calls on Samsung and Android phones

Call Screening - Switch on Auto Reject

If you are pestered on your mobile phone (cell phone) by silent calls, sales calls or just out and out scam artists then here is How To Reject A Caller and ban them for good from your phone. The procedure is known as adding a number to the Auto Reject List.

Imagine a caller phones your mobile and starts "spouting".. hang up the call. Then go to the CALL LOG and LONG PRESS the number that is the one you want to ban or reject calls from. This is as far as many people get and cant understand why they stioll get calls.

The reson is PROBABLY you dont have AUTO REJECT enabled in the SETTINGS menu.

You therefore need to go to the phone SETTINGS APP (its in the APPS as a cog icon) and

  • select CALL SETTINGS then
  • select ALL CALLS then
  • select AUTO REJECT.
  • ENABLE AUTO REJECT - This is where you put the Tick in the Box
  • Job done!

You can also manage the REJECTED CALLERS or BANNED NUMBERS list here. SO if you fall out with someone and then make friends again.. the AUTO REJECT LIST is where you UN-BAN them.

NOTES: Various versions of Android have little differences but the basic prodcedure is the same. :-


NOTE:- If you get a call that appears to have the sound of a busy call centre operating in the background - the call is likely to be fake or a scam. Modern headsets filter out this noise and its added in by scam artists to make the call sound more real.

TPS - Telephone Protection Service

You can also add your phone number to TPS or the Telephone Protection Service by texting TPS and your email address to 85095

or go here for more information:-

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The link below is a cost effective independent SMTP server address and all the explainations as to why you might need one is here - Why you might need an SMTP SERVER ADDRESS :-

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