Ethical SEO

Sometimes known as WHITE HAT SEO, Ethical SEO simply refers to SEO that does not employ underhand tricks or subterfuge to gain rank in Google's Search Engine Listing Pages or SERPS. Below is a digram showing Google's SERPS

SERPS (Google)

The Organic listing is in Green (marked 1) - UNPAID
The Sponsored listing(s) are outlined red (marked 2) - THESE ARE PAID FOR ADWORDS
The whole area within the purple box is the SERP (marked 3)

You can find the meaning of all the SEO terms on this and other pages in our SEO Glossary

Ethical SEO will NEVER get you blacklisted by Google as you are basically making it as easy as possible for Google (and the other search engines) to digest the content of your website so they can classify and rank it in comparison to the other websies of a similar nature.

1) Make sure that the KEYWORDS you are trying to optimize your website for are actually ones that people will look for

2) The content should be well written with no spelling mistakes and contain honest placement of the KEYWORDS

3) If you have followed the above, you should have a LOW BOUNCE RATE. YOu have honestly described your product/service

4) A site that regularly has good fresh content will rank higher than a site tha never changes

5) In the page HTML code the TITLE TAG should contain the Keywords : - <title>Ethical Search Engine Optimization advice</title>

6) In the page HTML code the DESCRIPTION TAG should accurately describe the page <meta name="description" content="What to look for in a good SEO company : ethical Search Engine Optimization" />

7) The Headings and Sub-Headings should contain the KEY points

8) The navigation on the front page should allow Google to "see" all the other linked pages

9) The pages should load quickly and not contain huge images

10) URL & Links : Make links meaningful using your keywords as the link text.

More than just SEO - there is SEM to consider too!

Incidentally .. Making your website rank well in Google by methods other than page content aka off-page, is called SEM or Search Engine Marketing. This section deals only wtith SEO. Click SEM for the "other" methods of gaining traffic to your website.

Reasons to do SEO

The competition is doing it.

SEO provides good ROI, when boldly and correctly done.

It exposes weaknesses and old content in your website.

The Klondyke period has ended, but you should still have a good chance if you start SEO now.

Good SEO isnt FAST. Start now for results in 6 months time.

It will reduce your outgoings on Adwords .

It can increase the quality of your web content.

Accessibility for blind visitors will be better.

Ad Blocker software BLOCK adwords but wont block the keywords to your new top ranking website with good SEO.

At least 60 percent of visitors prefer unpaid listings in Google because they preceive the listing got there by merit and not money, ie the Implied Endorsement of Google.


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