UK DOMAINS ( domain names )

UK domains are primarily domains ending in for example or

As members of NOMINET the UK domain name agency we abide by their code of conduct and as such are clear about the following.

• We charge :
registration and renewal 26.50 GBP per TWO years
• How Calco deal with expired and expiring domain name registrations :
If your domain lapses or you have not paid and the domain has expired, you may request re-activation up to 30 days after expiry at the normal domain renewal cost. After this period (and a further stasis period) Domains are returned to the pool to be available to register by the general public.
• How our Customers can renew a domain name and the basis on which our Customers will be
charged for maintaining their registration of a domain name :
We work on an autorenew basis and will invoice between 60 - 30 days before expiry* If you dont want to renew you may inform us in writing (email if acceptable from the registered email address) and we will cancel the domain.
• What charges, if any, Calco make where our Customer is transferring their domain names to a new Registrar, or is otherwise terminating their contract with you.
Assuming a domain name is fully paid for and its registration is currently greater than 30 days prior to renewal ... We do not charge for either service unless you request extra work to be carried out on your behalf. e.g. admin, negociating, writing letters etc.

You can check the expiry date of your domains here > Calco UK WHOIS <


We can acquire the following domains for you - call 0845 257 9460 now for an instant quote.

Domain Country Period
Domains List is updated regularly - check back soon or call for missing countries
.com Global 1 year
.net Global 1 year
.org Global 1 year
.biz Global 1 year
.info Global 1 year
.name Global 1 year
.tel Telnic 1 year
.mobi Global 1 year
.asia Asia 1 year
.at Austria 1 year Austria 1 year
.be Belgium 1 year
.ch Switzerland 1 year
.de Germany 1 year
.dk Denmark 1 year
.es Spain 1 year Spain 1 year Spain 1 year
.eu European Union 1 year
.fr France 1 year
.gr Greece 2 years Greece 2 years
.ie Ireland 1 year
.is Iceland 1 year
.it Italy 1 year
.li Liechtenstein 1 year
.lt Lithuania 1 year
.lu Luxembourg 1 year
.lv Latvia 1 year
.me Montenegro 1 year
.nl Netherlands 1 year Netherlands (CoDNS B.V.) 1 year
.pl Poland 1 year Poland 1 year Portugal 1 year
.ro Romania 1 year Romania 1 year
.ru Russia 1 year
.se Sweden 1 year United Kingdom 2 years United Kingdom 2 years United Kingdom 2 years
.cm Cameroon 1 year Nigeria 1 year South Africa 1 year China (Centralnic) 2 years Argentina 1 year Brazil 1 year
.cl Chile 1 year
.co Colombia 1 year
.hk Hong Kong 1 year
.in India 1 year India 1 year
.ms Montserrat 1 year
.mx Mexico 1 year Mexico 1 year
.us USA 1 year New Zealand 1 year New Zealand 1 year New Zealand 1 year
.tw Taiwan 1 year Taiwan 1 year


Italy, France and Asia Domain Registries demand that only persons from these countries can register their respective domains. A Proxy service can be set up at a small extra cost to enable purchase of these domains.

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Domains are not purchased but REGISTERED in your or your comany name for a period of time. Usually this is 1 year although with domain names its a minimum of 2 years.

You own the exclusive rights to use the domain for this period at the end of which you have exclusive rights to RENEW the domain for a furher period.

If you do not renew the domain, it EXPIRES and returns to the availability pool for anyone to REGISTER and you no longer have any rights to the domain. Calco UK automates this RENEWAL process for you.

We buy the domain and register it under your (company) name and pay the due fees every year. This means in effect, the domain will never expire unless you tell us more than 30 days in advance of the expiry date that you no longer require the domain. You will never accidentally lose your domain!

We will invoice you for a domain between 30 and 60 days before expiry. You have 30 days to pay. If payment is not received the domain will be allowed to lapse. Recovery if possible incurs a fee.



Calco UK can provide a domain name with your hosting package. The domain provided is deemed to have a monetary value of 12.50 pounds per annum. Calco UK are members of Nominet, the UK Domain Agency Verify

All .CO.UK names are renewed every two years at Nominet. However, to simplify customer billing, Calco may invoice annually. If you cancel a contract there may be an outstanding year's fee of 12.50 pounds to pay (the balance of the two year pre-payment by Calco).

Calco UK can provide TLD .com .org .net domain names at 29 pounds each per annum

Domain Recovery

If you are having problems with renewing your domain or a lapsed domain - call one of our experts

Domain Transfer

If you are having problems with your domain(s) because of your current hosting company you can request a transfer of your domain to Calco. We will then handle the transfer for you.

We treat your privacy as a priority!

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