Graphic Design Websites

Why Graphics?

With the advent of faster internet connections the restrictions on the size of images that designers have used have all but disappeared. This gives almost unrestricted freedom of expression, however one must not loose sight of the fact that every pixel placed on the page must be there for a purpose other than the design looks pretty. Page real estate is expensive, not just in fiscal terms, but also in how much of your message can be displayed "in one screen" above the fold before the user has to scroll down the page to the bit they cant see or click a link to get the next segment of information.

Graphic Design Websites


The first step in a project like this is consultation with the client and establish a primary and secondary objectives. The Corporate identity if being retained can then be added to the design "brief". Calco UK's many years of experience in multiple market sectors can also be tapped into.

If Social Networking is commissioned, we would start the foundation for placement at this stage (i.e. not when the website has been completed).

Next some rough options are presented to the client for appraisal and a design chosen to progress for second and final approval. Once the design is completed a home page, "regular" content page and form page are created and again presented for approval. The navigation (interface) is also tested to see if its logical and feasible.

When the client is happy with the design page coding can begin. A wire frame of how the page is constructed is filled out with images and tested with a few other pages to make sure the website design flows seamlessly from one part of the website to the next. Call to action and Contact panels are added where there is an unobtrusive location. SEO is added to all pages and the text of each page balanced for content vs SEO. This balance is confirmed with the client.

The website is launched in a secret location so the client can see progress. ALL final changes are made, legal and spelling are checked. The site is launched.

The full weight of SEM is unleashed and any snagging in the main website dealt with.

Re-appraisal is part of the normal marketing dynamic and is applied as budget allows.

Whose idea was this website?

Although our design team is very creative, we need you to guide us on your requirements. In simple terms we need a target to aim at - or a brief.

Its part of the natural process to see designs and change your original plan, changes are inevitable. Its by this iterative process the best websites are designed.

At the end of the process the design may be exactly what you envisaged or something completely different; modern contemporary design that acts as a container for all the elements you wish to incorporate and establish your company's identity.

Here are a couple of "impressive" java based effect pages. Note that they were conceived to be PART of a page and not the whole page. If a web page comprises solely of images, then it is unlikely the page would perform well in Google.

Graphic Sliding and Flipping Demo

Graphical Tile Menu

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