Register UK Domain


Configure DNS for Web Hosting


Upload first files and test


Edit files with focused content


Finalise SEO and submit


Job complete have lunch

Its entirely possible now to place a simple framework with content on-line and submit the work to the Search Engines in under half a day. However we would be using two people and working flat out on your project alone. Expensive but possible!

More realistically we can design a simple framework add super-effective content that is rich in KEYWORDS and have this published on-line and submitted to Google within a couple of days of your initial concept.

This gives you the flexibility to have an idea, implement the web strategy and move on to the next task in the sure knowledge that the "web part" of the plan has been dealt with.

The focus of these mini-sites is the SEO.
ALL parts of the site, that is; every word and image along with their placement is contrived to maximise SEO.


We have seen results in a few days or so, typically a little longer. However as with all SEO; you are planting a seed and this is what is termed "organic growth" ; it happens over a period of 12 weeks to 18 months. Generally speaking , there will be a near-immediate effect followed by a growing period.

To maximise the chances of SEO sites going sky-high, incoming links are required.

The basic premise is : I copy what my competitor is doing - I will be just behind this listing in Google. I copy the competitor and CONTINUOUSLY add more high quality links - I will overtake my competitor in a short period of time.

This is perhaps an over-simplification as over 200 factors are used by Google to position a website in its results pages.

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Page Rank & Larry Page

When Larry Page and Sergey Brin founded Google, they quickly realised there were a great many websites on the web. SO many if fact that when someone searched for a website about Dog Training a LOT of websites could come up. They decided on a formula to RANK websites according to how useful they were and this ranking formula or "algorithym" is called PAGE RANK


Search Engine Results Pages -The better your page rank, the higher your position in Google's SERPS


Fast websites are one thing - Legal websites another. Calco only undertake UK legal websites and perform detailed checks on all fast seo sites to ensure there are no fraudulent aspects to the site. We would also like to know we will get paid.

Website design with Calco UK is as easy as 1 - 2 - 3
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