Calco have been building websites and trading in web services since 1997 when the web started taking off. Around about that exciting time there were few home computers and PCs were mainly in the business domain. This means that we learned our craft with a strong bias towards business orientated websites and making profits, rather than graphic design.

The slack in high quality design was taken up by top design studio 2b creative, a partnership that dominated website design in the Highlands through the "naughties"



By 2010 Calco were standardising our web product and subsequent marketing via Google and Facebook. This led to our 1-2-3 approach to successful web marketing

1. Good quality hosting with high quality self-build tools

2. Website design to modern standards using CSS and AJAX with SEO built in from the design stage.

3. Fine tuning the SEO and marketing strategy



Calco have positioned the company in such a way as to be able to service both small and large clients, offering scalable web solutions and modular marketing plans that can be implemented by Calco and maintained by the clients themselves.

An example of this is the Wordpress + Data website. It is designed and set up by Calco to the point where the client is relaxed about content management. However this same content management is extended to Marketing via automated posting to Facebook & citation sites freeing the SEO/SEM staff member from frankly repetitive & boring submissions and leaving them free to perform more creative tasks .. like making money.


In 1997 the speediest Processor was the PII from Intel. The modem held sway at 33.6 kb/sec. With it you could buy books from Amazon and bid for items on Ebay. However you couldnt search Google as it had yet to be founded. Yahoo was Search King and Hotmail was the free email friend to early "netizens".


Thank you so much for all the hard work and excellent service Calco have given us during these 11 years.
Your web design did us proud and we have received many positive comments, even very recently, about the clean and uncomplicated use of the site.

We most certainly will contact Calco again should we decide to create a new website for some other venture.

L& T Hall (Retired Sep 2011)

Website design with Calco UK is as easy as 1 - 2 - 3
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