Google thrives on words!

Good content should be the aim of all websites. Sadly for one reason or another this seldom happens, and if it does the effort is rarely sustained.

It sometimes helps to look at your website as a series of articles; each containing the essence or KEY POINTS you are trying to get across to the site viewer. However once the article is complete and checked for spelling it should be thinned down. THis editorial process is performed because the reader of the article will probably be very busy and isnt interested in the name of your dog or the village in which you live; they simply want what you have got to sell or say!

Calco can write articles for your website as most agancies weill, but what is different in our case is that we will RE-PURPOSE the articles into Press Releases, Blog Pieces and even videos. In effect we are multiplying the efficacy of work already done.

Google doesnt just run one search engine they also run:-

Google Maps - Google News - YouTube - Images - Blogger and Shopping ... and guess whet - Google scans and catalogues all these different arms of its corporate body.

The reason we need to know this is because, the more diverse references or LINKS to our website that come up within Google's Search Indexes (indices), the more highly we will be rated by Google.


Submission to Google Maps (Places) : 149 pounds - Includes citation sites

Submission to Google News : 149 per press release. - requires a news item or angle

Submission to Google Blogs (Blogger) : 149 pounds - includes set up of Blogger

Submission to Youtube : 149 pounds Includes Channel set up

Article Spinning and Submission : 149 pounds

Must Know

An aricle can be broken down into an Introduction, a middle and an end with a call to action. It should contain what the customer MUST KNOW, SHOULD KNOW and if time and space permit.. COULD KNOW.

Anything else is clutter!

Spinner Chief

Spinner Chief

Calco perform article spinning. This is re-writing several copies of our artiicle so that they are all slightly differet and dont fall foul of Google's duplicate content filter. A free copy of SPINNER CHIEF or paid version can be obtained by clicking the chief above.

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