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New servers to replace old servers - change of DNS required for hard paths (September 2016 onwards)

Cloning of systems 15th March 2016 onwards... scheduled work completed

Annual maintenance APPROXIMATELY 15th MARCH - 22nd MARCH (7 days) 2016 inclusive scheduled work completed

Annual maintenance APPROXIMATELY 10th MARCH - 17th MARCH (7 days) 2015 inclusive scheduled work completed

ANNUAL MAINTENANCE : March 2014 (7 day) Completed scheduled work completed

ANNUAL MAINTENANCE : May 2013 (1 day) Completed scheduled work completed

ANNUAL MAINTENANCE : May 2012 (7-9 days) Completed scheduled work completed

Annual maintenance 9th May - 13 May 2011 inclusive scheduled work completed

Annual maintenance 9th May - 13 June 2010 completed scheduled work completed

Your Mail and Web services are unaffected

Support :
Emergency emails to : - response time is our usual response time (a few hours)
There is NO telephone support
No new work is accepted during annual maintenance

What is Annual Maintenance?

The Calco Uk Services (websites, mail, data, hosting, dedicated servers etc) all run as normal. Only support is affected. Users may experience longer response times as we are busy making sure the company is ready for the year ahead and that users' data is hosted on the best possible platform. We also install NEW services and products at this time so you are advised to check the website for the latest updates and best prices. Advance warning is usually 6 months or more.


The information here is given only as a GUIDE any changes you make to your computer and or networks is done so ENTIRELY AT YOUR OWN RISK it is not advice or intended as instruction on how to repair computers. Calco UK do not accept any responsibility for damages caused by any changes you might make to your computer or network using the information herein.

Here are the phone numbers of the leading UK Internet Providers:

Broadband provider - Telephone number
AOL 0844 499 5555
BT Yahoo (Residential) 0800 085 2819
BT Yahoo (Business) 0845 600 7020
BT Broadband 0800 328 6738
Demon 0845 272 2333
Eclipse (Residential) 0845 122 4111
Eclipse (Business) 0845 122 4333
Freedom2Surf 0871 230 9312
Madasafish 0844 395 0830
Nildram 0871 230 9300
Orange 0844 871 0079
O2 0800 230 0202
Pipex 0871 663 3300
Sky 0844 241 0515
TalkTalk 0870 444 1820
Tiscali 0845 077 4488
Virgin 0845 454 1111
Zen 0845 058 9009

The following is a general mail help checklist.

E-MAIL Included Free
Features are updated regularly - also check your control panel for new versions
WEBMAIL If you have problems with email, you can laways use Calco UK WEBMAIL. Click here to see a pop-up page with full size image of what to do ...
FIREWALL Have you recently installed a firewall with your ANTI-VIRUS programme? If so you will need to configure it to allow your email. All products come with simple instructions on how to do this.
ANTI-SPAM / SPAMGUARD / Have you installed Norton or McAfee or another Internet Security programme? If so it more than likely will come with SPAM prevention programme. These stop legitimate email as well as rubbish. If people cant send you email it may be an anti-spam programme causing the programme. Its best to ADD your regular email clients and friends to the FRIENDS, ALLOWED or WHITELISTS provided with your spam programme. All spam programmes can be turned off or set so they are not so strict in the rules allowing spam.

1000 identical emails to different addresses
50 email per 10 minute period
Other companies' SMTP servers will have different limits

NOTE: OUR SMTP server address will take the form of



If you recently changed to Broadband its quite likely that your email will be affected. You generally need to change the SMTP SERVER ADDRESS to that of your new internet provider. In the case of BT you also need to ask their permission to allow email to be sent via their smtp server (relay). Call their support number and they will do this for you.

The various companies nearly always have a help page dedicated to setting up email. Go to this page and make a note of the correct SMTP server address. it will look something like or or or or or or Please note these may not be the actual addresses they are intended only as examples of what they look like. You can see some more examples of the major ISPs SMTP server addresses here


This is generally due to the above ...
However in the case of BT you also need to telephone the helpline 0845 600 7020 and ask them to WHITELIST your domain name for use with their MAIL RELAY

The error message typically looks like this: 550 Recipient not authorised [recipient rejected due to no authorised destination groups]

NEW PORT NUMBER Its been reported that some people try PORT 587 in the Advanced / SMTP setting and get better results. We do not advise you to try this and Calco UK Ltd dont accept responsibility if you do.
  Setting up Outlook Express for a PC
  Setting up Outlook Express for a Mac

Help page for mail - helpdesk 0845 600 7020

BT Click
BT Connect
BT Internet
BT Openworld
BT (Broadband)

Toucan Help page for mail
Wanadoo Help page for mail
Virgin Help page for mail
Tiscali Help page for mail
TalkTalk Help page for mail
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