Google runs an advertsing opportunity in the form of an auction called Adwords.

  1. Create an ad. Heading+URL+2 short lines of text. see the panel on the right >>
  2. Choose the keywords, budget and where the ad will be displayed. (there is no minimum budget)
  3. People click on the ad and you pay google the price of one click. (you dont pay if they only view)

Below is a diagram showing the ADWORDS positions on the page indicated by the large red 2

SERPS showing the ADWORDS

You will note that there is a hierarchy here with the top and best postion being in this case Web Designers in Scotland, on top of the normal or "organic" results marked with a large green 1. This company was chosen for the top slot because they were willing to pay more than everyone else bidding for the keywords WEB DESIGN HIGHLANDS. Whoever paid next most is listed second and so on. The cost per click therefore depends on competition.

Calco UK have access to Google KEYWORD DATA so we know which keywords are typed into Google most frequently and will thus accurately trigger the most ads at the best price.

We charge 149 pounds to open an account and set up your first advert and campaign.


Set up and create a campaign : 149 pounds The price can include a "get started" voucher. You will need a credit or debit card.

Call 0845 257 9460 and get started today.


Ads can show, including spaces,
25 characters for the title,
70 characters for the ad text,
35 characters for a display URL

or images ...


Campaign : a group of words, prices and criteria that will trigger your advert to be dispayed.

CPC : Cost Per Click

Conversion : Converting a click into the action you want. E.g. Buying a product, signing up etc

CPA : Cost per acquisition The amount each conversion has cost.

CTR : Click Through Rate. If an ad is shown 100 times and clicked only once the CTR is 1%

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