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SMAX4PNP.EXE always asks permission to start

The Sound Max driver known as smax4pnp.exe comes with the asus p5q motherboard onboard sound system. Sadly even though its one of the Windows WHQL drivers its not signed in early versions.

This results in the now legend permission box which appears every time Windows Vista starts asking if you give your permission to run this programme. Despite ticking the box that says dont ask me again ... Vista does the same thing EVERY time Windows starts up again - very annoying!

The reason is that the programme is not digitally signed as approved by Microsoft. To get round this you could ... and rember Calco UK Ltd are not responsible for anything you do to your or your or anyone elses computer - we are only telling you what WE DID! ...

1) Go to the folder where the application resides usually:- program files\analog devices\core\smax4pnp - or use the search to find it

2) copy it using the RIGHT DRAG mouse method to the DESKTOP (copy and paste works too)

3) RIGHT CLICK the new version on the desktop and select properties

4) In the general tab click UNBLOCK button and then APPLY and OK

5) Start the Vista task manager and stop the smax4pnp.exe process

6) RENAME the file in program files\analog devices\core\ (i.e. the original file) to smax4.pnp.OLD **

7) USING THE RIGHT MOUSE BUTTON DRAG METHOD ...Copy the newer version (the UNBLOCKED ONE) from the DESKTOP back to the program files\analog devices\core\ folder

8) Re-boot your computer and the job should be done.

** Real programmers never delete; they always re-name! ... and make back-ups


No more at this time : Ref v1.00