Why Partner and Joint Venture?

If your primary skills are graphic design or marketing then you would probably consider using professionals in other areas of your operations. Calco UK offer the opportunity for you or your company to have a comprehensive Web Services company at your disposal; to all intents and purposes, your own Web department in-house.

We offer both Joint Venture (JV) and White Label (WL) services. With JV the finished work carries a small link back to Calco along with your own link in the credit line. With WL the work carries just your link; no one will be aware that you did not create the website and services.

Pricing is discounted from our normal rate card. Lead times shorter.


We offer the first "99" package at full price and subsequent "99" packages at half price. These are unlimited* accounts with control panel.
*Unlimited in accordance with our AUP


Design Studios

We already work with a number of Design Studios in Scotland. Our integration level can be:-

  • Consultancy and Sourcing
  • Provision of Hosting
  • Website Construction
  • SEO & SEM

... you decide the level of integration - Call us now : 01599 534964


Marketing Agencies

Generally speaking marketing agencies have a good understanding of the dynamics and economics of e-marketing, however you may need the repetitive work realised or simply wish to "hand off" the responsibility of the e-marketing to a Calco who are experienced in SEM and SEO.

Calco tend to find that traditional PR and Marketing agencies learn a lot from us and that we in turn gain valuable insights into how various markets and sectors respond at a particular point in time and how to approach markets with layered and parallel strategies.


Call us now : 01599 534964 to discuss your project

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