A spot of Advice

Calco UK are IT Consultants with specialists in e-Marketing and SEM. We can suggest the best way to increase traffic through your website and how achieve maximum market penetration in a specific sector.

WebsIte appraisal is something Calco is call upon to perform. Is my website achieving its goals. Are the pages designed correctly? Why is it so slow? Can we and should we update my website ourselves? If so; how?

We can offer practical help and realistic advice on when to update your website or server software such as your accounting infrastructure. Sage or IT Group Commercial Management Suite?

It is especially useful to know that you have someone you can rely on to give IMPARTIAL advice about matters where eveyone seems to be an interested party. For example. You want to know if work to be done on your new website justifies such a huge expense.

If you have a medium to large website project and you dont want the schedule to slip or the budget spiralling out of control, employ Calco UK to manage your project for you. We know what all the costs SHOULD be and how long things SHOULD take. We are also easy to work with and will work well with your web and deasign teams.

Domain Wars

Who owns your domain: The registrant, the company, the webs company? Find out now and what can be done if you dont own your domain name!


We treat the customer's satisfaction as a priority and listen to your suggestions, after all its what built our company



Click WHOIS to find out what the official records say about your domain and who owns it.

Domain Recovery

If you are worried about the name of the owner of domain in WHOIS, dont delay, the law says the registrant has very strong rights to its use. YOu do however need to know what YOUR rights are too and a few questions can usually filter out pretenders from justified Registrants.

Did an employee buy the domain and with who's money?

Even if they own the domain, can they legally use your Brand or Trademark in the name?

A short web page on cases involving domain name disputes here

Lawyers Pinsent Masons Out-Law website. Click here for their Intellectual Property (IP) specialist work

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Calco UK has been providing web services to businesses since 1999. We have unrivalled experience in web hosting, buying domain names, designing high performance websites and optimizing them on and off-page.

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We have maintained affordable pricing for all our services and products and are now offering unbeatable value with our new unlimited, 1-click-install web hosting. Add to that cost effective marketing and you have a superlative web package.

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Call us and we answer. If you need advice on the best way forward in business, our experts are there to assist. If something goes wrong they are there to get things back on track. Our Server Systems are monitored 24 hrs per day!

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We treat the customer's satisfaction as a priority and listen to your suggestions, after all its what built our company