Google has re-set the expiry date for its google maps to November 19 2013.
On that date, Google will attempt to automagically turn remaining v2 maps into v3 maps, by way of a JavaScript wrapper we will deploy. We expect this wrapper to work for most simple maps, but to avoid any last minute surprises Google strongly encourage sites to complete their migration to v3 ahead of this date. Google have prepared an upgrade guide to help make the migration process as painless as possible



Calco have launched a visitor friendly series of advertising modules. High visibility panels or graphics slide on to the screen and settle in unobtrusive but visible locations. Ideal for COOKIE LAW messages, general advertising and alerts. The popups use special DHTML code to avoid being blocked by pop-up blocking software. Whats a catfish ad ... its one that sits quietly on the bottom of the page.

Bare Necessities Organic Veg (July 2012)

Calco have been commissioned to work with the Bare Necessities Organic Vegetables Food Company to make their new website SEO effective. The company supply Organic Carrots, Swede and Parsnips to chain supermarkets (Tesco own brand Organic Carrots) as well as retailers and trade wholesalers supplying top quality organic veg. Bare Necessities have gone to great lengths to ensure the crop of Organic vegetables never "sees" pesticides, not even overspray from neighbouring farms or residue in the soil. The project commenced July 2012 - Lets see how the Bare Necessities brand does in Google over the following months.


December : Launch Newsletter

We are proud to announce our new monthly newsletter - Henceforth we will using this channel (and solial media) to propagate our new products and important announcements. Click to sign up for the Calco UK newsletter

14 November 2011

Launch of QR Codes. The little squares that look a bit like bar codes can be scanned by any smartphone (with a QR app installed). The QR code then instructs the phone to open your website or any page therein. Ideal for car sales, galleries, estate agencies, shops and restaurants that want to include value propositions and benefits but have no space on the product to do so.

To read more about QR Codes and how to use them click here >> QR Codes

1 November 2011

Launch of HTML 5 Smart Phone websites.


2nd October 2011

Fake RENEWALS for DOMAIN NAMES are being sent directley to the owners' mailboxes. They are not sent by Calco UK Ltd .
Click FAKE DOMAIN RENEWAL LETTER to see a copy of the letter and to report as spam.


30 September 2011
New website launch : Hoorah!

To mark the launch of our new website we are offering to include a domain in our 99 Unlimited package.

September 2011
On-Click Installer Library is updated

5 new applications added to the 1-click install Library

  • Piwik Analytics
  • Zen Photo
  • Lime Survey
  • OpenCart
  • Status.Net

All users on the 99 unlimited package will receive these new application into their control panel automatically free of charge. Call us if they dont appear.

The File Manager has been improved and will let you do more without opening your FTP Programme.

September 2011
On-Click Installer Library is updated

Our existing 1-click-installs have just been upgraded :-

- Drupal V6.22
- Drupal 7 V7.4
- WordPress V3.2.1
- Website Search V1.6
- Crafty Syntax Live V3.1.2
- CMS Made Simple V1.9.4.2
- Elgg V1.7.10
- Geeklog Weblog V1.8.0
- MediaWiki V1.17.0
- phpBB3 Forum V3.0.9
- AWStats Statistics V7.0
- Roundcube Webmail V0.5.3
- SugarCRM V6.2.1
- Typo3 V4.5.3
- Tracewatch V0.353

All users on the 99 unlimited package will receive these application updates into their control panel automatically free of charge. Note if you are running an older version the script WILL NOT update this. It will only update the install library. If you need to update an existing install, follow the applications documentation on the appropriate website


September 2011 (announce - no pr)
Wordpress Extend ... coming soon! (October 2011)

We will shortly be revealing our new Wordpress CMS Applications. This is a perfect upgrade for those users who are finding the limits of their WeCreate Pro package. A set of pre built applications will be available to peruse. As a friend in the US drawled recently:- "Wordpress? It's a no brainer, and real easy to install and use."


See our page about 1-click-installs if you dont know what they are.

The 1-click install library is updated as application developers write INSTALL SCRIPTS for their programmes. Most popular apps like Wordpress and Joomla come as 1-click-installs allowing a stress free install and pleasant environment in which to focus all your energies ion developing the website and not worrying about configuration.

Wordpress Extend

Calco has taken this paradigm one step further and will be offering ready built templates to slide directly into Wordpress, allowing the application not only to run as a traditional Wordpress Blog, but also as static and dynamic pages interacting with a data source. This is the ideal framework for lists of items such as a collection of cars, properties, books etc Call 01599 534964 now for pricing and details.


Call us and we answer. If you need advice on the best way forward in business, our experts are there to assist. If something goes wrong they are there to get things back on track. Our Server Systems are monitored 24 hrs per day!


Our 99 package comes with integrated back-up facility. Simply click BACK UP in the panel and thats what will happen. Users of Joomla and MySQL databases should use the second button too to back up their MySQL database(s)

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