Setting up a Twitter Page

If you have a personal Twitter account you may wish to set up a new one for Business, in which case Log out of your personal account and then set up the new one. To do this Go to and fill in the 3 boxes:-
a) Name (which should be your business name)
b) Password (which should be secure)
c) Email (any UNIQUE email address that you check regularly - each account must have a different email address)
d) Based on the above Twitter will create a username and it will be shown in the second screen of sign-up.
e) Twitter will send a confirmation email to the address in (c) above - You MUST confirm this email.
Log in and you should see this or something similar :-

Twitter set-up. What your account first looks like and where the buttons are

... so you need to begin customising or branding your account.

Go to the COG ICON Twitter Cog Icon and select EDIT PROFILE. Fill in the information about your company from an SEO perspective.
Then make the THREE images you will need :- The little "Square" one or Avatar, the larger "Header" image and lastly the Background image. The most important to remember is that Twitter will place TEXT and the AVATAR Image on top of your Header image as in Fig 2 below. The text colour and Link colour can also be selected.

We recommend using the following image sizes :-
Avatar : 240 x 240px
Header : 520 x 260px
Background : any size (tiled)

Fig 2 : A Customised or Branded Twitter Page (
How to customise Twitter for Business


Once your page is Branded you can start publishing "TWEETS" and promoting the page. Unless you set Twitter otherwise all your Tweets are Public; i.e. eveyone can see them.

. This also infers that you can't delete Tweets so make sure your Tweets are correct before pressing The sole purpose of "posting" and "following" is to benefit your business.



hootsuite : Social Media Management Tool

TweetDeck : by Twitter for serious Twitter users (needs a spearate Tweetdeck account on Twitter)

tweet adder : finds followers and posts tweets


What the Twitter Icons mean

Twitter Cog Icon The cog or settings icon. Here is how you change the look of your Twitter page and change the email, user and other "Profile" details.

Twitter Connect Button The @Connect button refreshes the list of who has followed you, mentioned you, re-tweeted or favourited your posts.

Twitter #Discover Button The #Discover button allows you to "discover" tweets that may be of interest to you; based on the people or topics you currently follow. A good button for users who are new to Twitter.

Twitter Me Button This displays your posts and your information about your account. ie Business name, Website, Location etc.

Twitter Search Box A very versitile search facility for finding people, accounts or help. Note that you must use the correct spelling. If you dont get the results you expect try using the ADVANCED search. Simply do an ordinary search and when the results are displayed, a cog icon will also be displayed. Click this for the Advanced Search Option. You can also SAVE your search.

Twitter Tweet Button The Tweet button - create a new post!


All Tweets are Public by default (i.e.they can be seen by everyone)

You must be over 13 years old

You must not post spam

You can create as many Twitter accounts as you need so long as each one has a unique email address. GMail or Yahoo Mail can be useful in this respect.

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