How to Create a Google Plus Business Page

First set up your Google Account

Go to Google Plus (also known as g+) at and set up your new google plus account. You cannot have a business page without one and the account has to belong to a real person (not a company). A Google account is not a Google Plus account, however you can use your profile if you wish.

Once on the Google Plus site .. choose your country (drop-down) and select create account.

This takes you to the general Google signup page (step 1). Complete the form with your details and go to the next step. (step 2) Here you add your photo which you should add because the more you add to google plus the wider and deeper your SEO will be. Now proceed to the (Step 3) "Profile" data and g+. About Google profiles You should now see the continue to Google + button... click it!


Actually Setting up the Google+ Account

When you get to Google + you will see a bunch of options asking which people and pages to follow. Social Interaction is the name of the game here so sign up for stuff which you are interested in or topics (whose members) you think might benefit your company. For example if you are marketing a band; sign up for music sites etc. Once you are in that group or CIRCLE, members will see your stuff and vice versa. This is called ADDING PEOPLE

Next you have to "BE AWESOME" so if you feel inclined tell Google where you went to school and where you live etc...

That's stage 1 complete! You now own a working Google+ account. You can take a few minutes to go into your gmail email account and read the introductory email - its actually very useful. Use your new gmail email address + the password you chose in the steps above.

While you could just go to the pages button on the left hand side of the screen and create a business page, this is not the best way to go about things. When you DO get round to setting up the page, Google will pull the data from your company from Google Places ... so lets set aside two weeks to do that now! If Google verify your listing by post; they send out a POSTCARD with your PIN on it. THis can take up to 14 days to arrive, however its usually much faster. You therefore have to wait until this stage is complete before setting up the Business Page!


Set up Google Places

Go to and sign in using your google sign in from above. its the new gmail email address + the password you chose.

Once in choose your country and add your business's phone number (as we are marketing your business and not you).

In the next steps ... fill out all the fields (boxes) with a standard address you sue for everything . this becomes you NAP file (Name Address Phone). Add images, hours of business and Keyword tags that will find you. Its not the purpose to delve deeply into the mysterious world of Optimising Google Places; we just need it to be there when Google Plus goes looking for it. Don't forget to add the company WEBSITE and Contact Email - very important!

Once all that's done you will have to confirm you are who you claim to be. That usually means a postcard sent to your address. SO wait for that and when it comes a few days later; verify your listing with the pin number on the postcard.

You may now proceed.


Google Plus Business Page

Choosing the correct category

Log into your Google Plus account and click pages on the left hand menu (its currently the bottom button). The new page loads and says you have no pages. Click the big red button that says Create New Page.

Next choose one of the following (that best describes your business type):

  • Local Business or Place
    This is usually the one to go for as it gives the option of giving your phone number which will be tied to your Google Places account. Its for A business in a location with a name Joe's Pizza in Aberdeen or Jean's Pet Shop in Paris
  • Product or Brand
    This is used if the product is less geocentric and clearly defined like clothes, cars, electronics and financial services
  • Company, Institution or Organization
    Use this category if you are less focused on selling and more of a service provider (Oxfam, Red Cross)
  • Arts, Entertainment or Sports
    If you set up a fan page .. here is where to do it. TV, films, music, books, sports and theatre
  • Other
    Suffice to say .. you will be asked if the material is suited to under 18 year olds or if there is any alcohol related material

Depending on which category you choose you will fill in fields (boxes) relevant to that category. In this example we will use the first category as it encompasses all the salient points and most fields.

Fill in the phone number field and Google will pull the data from Google Places, if not just fill them all in manually and click CREATE.


Customise your Page

1) Add Your Profile Photo and Tagline

Add the photo of the company and a slogan that incorporates the key aspects of the company in 10 words or less(keywords)

2) Customise the Welcome Page Information

Go to the About Tab and edit the content. Here you can add Facebook and Twitter links

3) Add Photos

There are 5 photos that go along the top of the page (a photo-strip): add them here. They will be cropped square. Users can click them if they want to to see the full size version


Add Posts

It goes without saying that a page with no posts or activity is going to do you no long term good. So regular posts on your page will keep Google happy and attract people into your circle. You can also invite people to join your circle by sending them a link or a search string.


Who's Who

After a while you can find out who has added your page to their Circle. To do this look at your Notifications beneath Stream in the left hand menu. Also you could look under your Circles | People who have added you by clicking on the Circles icon.

Can I get Calco to set up my Business Page

Call 01599 534964 with your website address, or fill in the form below...


What does all this SEO stuff cost?

Optimizing Package for G+ Account starts at 150 pounds. Comprising:-

  • Create NAP file
  • Sign up Google Plus
  • Sign Up Google Places
  • Add Google Business Page
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