What is the Title Tag on a web page and how do you use it

The TITLE TAG tells Google the Title of your page. A good Title Tag will be descriptive about the content. Think of the the page like a tin of food. Until the tin has a label, you don't know what's inside. The title tag labels the page. (GOOGLE RESULTS PAGE)

In Google YOUR title tag will be seen in the listings. Its the blue writing - so getting the title right also helps potential visitors looking at the listings choose which one to visit. Its important therefore to get this tag right. Here are some golden rules for Good SEO Title Tags


How long is the Title Tag

You get 70 characters to use, so use them wisely. Spaces and punctuation count as 1 character.


Can a Title Tag be too short

Actually there is a variation in opinion here : we have had some success with just the product and brand, however this tends to be only is special cases (unsaturated markets - obvious brand/function companies). Generally speaking use all your characters


Brand and Function

Many SEO companies will advise putting the Brand (the name of the company) and the function they offer (service or product). While this is great advice for large companies whose brands are universally known, we tend to advise smaller companies to employ: What you do, Where you do it and Who you are. Example: SEO specialists in Scotland | Calco UK


Stand out in the listings (SERPs)

If you are in a saturated market make sure your title tag stands out. The tag should be clear and offer more than all the other tags on the google listings pages called SERPS or Search Engine Results Pages - SERPS DIAGRAM Make sure the Title content is RELEVANT to people scanning the SERPS.


Don't repeat redundant or obvious information.

It's tempting to put HOME PAGE in the tag, however the home page already has this information embedded into it by virtue of the fact its called index.html or Index.php or index.aspx etc. Similarly don't put the web address or URL as Google does this for you in your listing in green.



You should employ your keywords in the Title Tag - put them at the front. Don't use too many Keywords ie the tag is just a bunch of Keywords repeated over and over. This is spam and wont get you anywhere. Try to use sentences and normal language that someone searching for your product or service would use.


Lead Time

If you are including time sensitive information eg - Football under 18 Annual Championship June 23 in Glasgow 2012 - make sure you change it immediately after the event to the following year assuming its an annual event. Google Webmaster Accounts will help here.


SPell cHeck and dubble check

Make sure you don't make any mistakes in the Title Tag or misspell any of the words inadvertently. People will generally search for a word which they spell correctly. If your version of a word is incorrect Google wont offer it to the searcher in their results. Even if they do find your listing, it represents your company is a bad light if you cant spell. Camel Case (as in the title of this paragraph is VERY common). It wont hurt you... but sloppy typing looks bad and appears rushed. Click that SPELL-CHECK button now!

BEWARE of cheap SEO companies who promise to get you in the Top 10 listings or even the number 1 spot in Google; especially if your product is in a heavily contested market. No one can promise number 1 in Google - Google themselves have said this MANY times as they are completely fair and generally speaking impartial.

How Do I get SEO for my Website

Call 01599 534964 with your website address, or email us.


What does all this SEO stuff cost?

Optimizing Package for ONE page costs 150 pounds.

Optimizing a 5 page website Package so that the basics are correct costs 150 pounds.



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