PRIVACY POLICY Updated May 2018

Our Agreement with you on how we handle data.

The term "WE" on this web page refers to employees of Calco UK Ltd.

ALL data held locally and on-line is password restricted.


Our Head Office postal address is : Calco UK Ltd, Old Plock Rd, Kyle of Lochalsh, Ross-shire IV40 8BW, UK

If you are unsure of our terms, your rights or anything below.. call us. We are here to help.

UPDATES to this policy will be posted here and dated accordingly. Our primary information channel is FACEBOOK where you should REGISTER by LIKING the following page :- . By liking this page you are automatically notified by Facebook when you log-in if there is an upaate from Calco UK Ltd


DATA USE (Personal)

We store data such as your name and address, telephone number and email address for the purpose of billing and maintaining our services to you.
We do NOT collect or keep Credit, Debit or AMEX Card numbers.
We do NOT sell or give your data to third parties for marketing purposes.
We do not hold data of persons below the age of 18.
We will provide on request all data we hold on customers on the provision of proper identification. (confirmed email address etc)

We provide customer Registration Details of DOMAIN NAMES to the appropriate third parties as is required by law.
For .UK domains this is Nominet (Their terms on their website)
For .UK domain names we provide FREE PRIVACY so that customers can choose if their name and other personal data does or does not appear on the WHOIS DATA REGISTRY.

For other domain suffices and countries : details are available on request

When registering for services we will always ask you if you wish to OPT-IN, this will never be the default choice. e.g. Would you like to receive regular Newsletters? The default here would be NO.

DATA USE (Websites)

We (Calco UK Ltd) monitor the amount of traffic on servers with respect to URLs for the purpose of Billing and Optimising User Experience.

We may install Google Analytics and Google Maps, both of which provide Useage Data to Google and is viewable by the owner of the website. COOKIES are used by Google for the same purpose.


In the unlikely event customer data is compromised we will inform the affected parties immediately by email. We will also investigate to ascertain the cause of the breach.
Back-ups of critical data are taken regularly and reviewed for best policy.



You must keep your registration data and contact details current.
If you change address or email address you must inform us immediately.

Please note: by signing up for any of our services you agree to be bound by all Calco UK Ltd's terms and conditions.

If there is a discrepency in any of our Terms or Conditions the most recent will apply.


Email is the primary contact for expiring or expired domain notification. You should Whitelist or otherwise make sure you can always receive email from

If you move office or your home address changes, you MUST inform us so your domain has a current postal address. Failure to do so may result in loss of your domain.

Our main notification channel is Please "like" this page and you will receive any notications from Calco UK when you log into Facebook..

Our Head Office postal address is :
Calco UK Ltd,
Old Plock Rd,
Kyle of Lochalsh,
IV40 8BW
United Kingdom

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